How to Find the Best Painting and Decorating Company

What you should look for when trying to find a real expert decorator in your area!


Don’t like reading? Consider watching this expert decorating tips for new build homes.


When is comes to painting and decorating in your home, workplace, office, shop or any other type of property, it is a good idea to get in touch with a few local painting and decorating experts in your area and ask for a few quotes.


You could be looking for interior or exterior decorating, this could include painting walls or hanging wallpaper or even painting the outside of the property. There are many companies out there which can provide you with experience and expertise to exceed your expectations.


The first thing you should do is a search on google for a painter and decorator in your area. Take a look in the maps section and have a good read of some of the reviews for the companies listed on there. You can normally find a gem. A good example of this is a company which has 5 star reviews and a good amount of them.


5 star reviews from 3 customers is not a good indication, look for a company with over 10 reviews and an overall rating of 5 stars.


Secondly, take a look at the images on the profile, some of them should have fantastic images displaying their painting and decorating expertise.


Once you have had a look at some of them and selected the best ones, think about the work you need doing and start calling those companies. Explain the work that needs carrying out and ask for a free quote.


Don’t settle for the cheapest quote, ask questions like what kind of materials they will use for the job and are the materials they need included in the overall quote.

Timescale, how long will the job take to complete?


Think about who you are speaking to, are your speaking to a customer service advisor or the actual painter and decorator who will be carrying out the work. This makes a difference. For a customer service advisor it is about tieing up the job and getting the money. You want to deal with the painter and decorator because for him, it is about reputation and returning customers.


You may feel inclined to go for the big companies but this can be a mistake. The sole traders can often over exceed your expectations as they are trying to grow which means they provide their services to leave a longer and lasting impression.


Another point I could make is that most the good decorating companies are not easily visible on page 1. The little guys with good reputation do not have the same kind of budget to get there websites the attention they need to appear high up in the search engines.


You could always take a look on other websites for more information and to sure you up on your decision making.


You could find out what types of certification they have and if they are members of any high profile companies such as Painters and Decorators Association.


All of the information above will help you find a trustworthy painter and decorator in your area. You can use the same method to find any other service you need. Look for trust, great reviews across the web.


Good Luck with your search!

Source: The Painting Specialist

Other Interesting Companies!

Link: Manchester Inflatables Hire

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Selecting Art…Hints for How to Choose

Selecting Art… Hints for How to Choose

Buy what you like . . . what you really, really like! And you’ll enjoy your selections more with each passing year. Color selection is easy if you relax and take your time with the palette.

If you are on a budget, it is better to buy one sizeable quality item than to purchase a bunch of smaller and cheaper ones.

First, select art for feature walls or places of importance around the room. Remember to keep the colour selection of the art the same kinds of colours as the room was painted as this really helps.

Remember that art work is portable. Unlike paneling and wallpaper, you can take it with you when you move.

And speaking of art being portable, rarely should art be hung with anything other than standard picture hooks. And rarely is it necessary to nail into a stud. With standard picture hooks hung into drywall, for example, art work can be easily moved and old nail holes patched in a jiffy.

Framing should be chosen to match and enhance the individual work of art. Then if you move or redecorate, your art will continue to work well for you — even if in a different room.

Hang your artwork low over furniture items. Work out groupings on your floor before transferring arrangements to the wall. Opt for a graceful, warm and harmonious look. (Hanging at “eye level” is a rule for museums – not homes.)*

Make certain that you use two picture hanging hooks for each item. This stabilizes your art and keeps the item level.

*For tips on hanging artwork in groupings, see my Making Arrangements article.

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How to paint kitchen cupboards

Really simple tutorial on how to paint kitchen cupboards can be found in the video below:

Source: and youtube video source: B&Q

Follow these simple steps below for the perfect painted kitchen cupboards.

  • Remove the handles
  • Number the doors with pencil
  • Remove the doors with a screwdriver
  • Use planks and screws to secure the door whilst painting
  • Remove any grease from the door
  • lightly sand using a fine grit sandpaper
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe away the dust
  • When you start painting, begin with the fiddly bits
  • Then use the roller and apply even pressure
  • After 12 hours apply a re-coat
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