About Me

Hi, I am Max Miller, A decorator.

A quick background about me, I have been a decorator for the past fourteen years. I know a lot of things when it comes to decorating different types of houses, I have some background in interior design, as well as knowledge of the wallpaper industry. That alone makes me a valuable home and interior design resource. With a variety of bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen that I previously decorate, I am confident that I can provide value to all readers of this website and future readers.

www.vststone.com is committed to contributing knowledge that is not limited to the subject of Decorating Walls.

Here you will find valuable articles, reviews, and tips about how I solve and handle certain things regarding decorating. This website is in the form of a ‘weblog’ because each time I post new articles, it will show in the top of the homepage, so you can check my site frequently and see my updates easily.

You can see my other pages of the site through menus that you will see on the top of my page. Also, sometimes I put links that you will see in several posts of my website so that you will know more about the source, products or services.

I encourage you to leave your thoughts anywhere on my site. I will gladly accept all of them, and answer questions as many as possible. Let’s help each other!

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